Flamenco y Goya · Desastres y Caprichos

Flamenco y Goya · Desastres y Caprichos

The project was conceptualized for the “Kultursommer 2015” at the Münchner Künstlerhaus and accompanied an art exhibition that showcased the etching series by Goya. The dance performance alludes to Goya’s life and is a cycle of atmospheric pictures of Spain around 1800.

Press reviews

“At the end: Standing ovations by a breathless, exhausted and happy audience. Enchanted – this word is too soft for describing an impressive performance that reflects Goya’s pictures perfectly: powerful, authentic, puro – but, above all: a total work of art.” (Anda, Flamenco journal, issue 122, review by Sonja Zeman)

„In sum, great art was created by the interplay of congenial musicians.“
Rems-Murr Kultur, Waiblingen


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