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Regular classes: Flamenco Cante & Palmas


Ole mi niña!

Almost everyone likes to sing – under the shower, when washing the dishes, in private…

But according to my experience, singing in public is a stressful experience for many people here in Germany. I happened to hear a lot of reactions like: “This is no option for me – I cannot sing.” I think this is a pity, because everyone can learn to sing (and I mean everyone, indeed!). And singing is so much fun that one just should give it a try.

In Spain, singing seems to be more natural: Ole mi niña! parents say to their children when they are trying their first notes, and it is not relevant at all whether they strike the right note or not. It is this spirit that I try to pass on in my lessons. Of course, the lessons are also about breathing techniques and vocal exercises. Yet the joy of singing together, the joint experience of music and flamenco – this is what my lessons are all about.

Every lesson starts with excercises for breathing and voice techniques. In the main part, we get to know the rhythms and melodies of different palos (flamenco styles). Within the beginner courses, you will get to know the specific characteristics of flamenco singing and discovering your own voice. Within the lessons for advanced singers, you will refine your techniques and the expression of our personal flamenco voice.

No prior knowledge is required, neither in Flamenco nor in the Spanish language: Just drop in, sing along and have fun!

Two levels

The lessons take place
Monday evening in 14-day rhythm

Cante: 19.00 – 20.30
Palmas: 20.30 – 21.15

Cante: 19.00 – 20.30
Palmas: 20.30 – 21.15


Cante: 35 € (per month)
Palmas: 15 € (per month)
Private lessons: on request

Trial lesson for free!


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Songs from world · workshops for adults

In these workshops, we are going to sing each month another song from another country in another language.

  • Enjoy singing in Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, Russian and more!
  • No knowledge of singing or foreign languages required!
  • With guitar accompaniment!

World music · kids and young adults

Since 2013, I work as a singing teacher at the elementary school in Percha. The kids are singing songs from all over the world in different languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Gaelic, etc. At Christmas and at the end of the school year, the children present their songs in front of a large audience.


I would be happy to inform you about new dates: or +49 174 9771250